Another Missing Manual update!

Some minor typo corrections to Volume I. Thanks to Robert S. for catching them!

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Download link was broken!

But is now fixed. Sorry about that, but the script I use to count downloads went AWOL…

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No more Craft Analyzer!

Sorry to inform all but the Craft Analyzer is no longer working.

With the move of mod hosting from SpacePort to Curse, I no longer have automated access to the mods so that I can keep an accurate list of parts per mod.

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The Missing Manual – Volume I

Check out the top of the right sidebar for the link to “The Missing Manual – Volume I”.

191 pages of detailed, for the layman, explanations of the Kerbal universe, and the physics involved.

It’s a free download, but donations are appreciated. Don’t forget to vote for Volume II

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Mission XI

Things have been hectic around here these last few weeks but we need to get back on track!

In Mission VII we did a fly-by of the Mun. Now we need to land a ship there to test all this hardware.

Create an unmanned vehicle and land it on the Mun. You don’t have to bring it back. You can leave it there as a “beacon” for our future manned landings, especially if you find a good place to land.

The scientists over in the research and development department have developed some new scientific experiments that they would like you to take along, so if you can manage to fit them on the ship, great!

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0.22 has arrived!

I updated to 0.22 but didn’t have much time to play with it last night.

Leave comments with suggestions of posts you would like to see specifically regarding the changes in 0.22.

I know I’ve been slow to post lately, but our oldest is getting married this weekend. Hopefully after the wedding things will calm down a bit and I’ll have more time.

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Mission X

Good job with that lander! But the engineers forgot something…

If we want to bring Jeb back we’re going to need docking ports on that lander so that it can dock with the command module that’s going to stay in munar orbit while Jeb goes down to the surface.

So redesign that lander to include a docking port and don’t forget to add a docking port to the command module as well. Once that’s done, launch the ship into orbit, detach the lander, back away 50 meters from the command module and redock. We want to make sure we are able to redock this thing before putting Jeb’s life on the line.

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